Dancing Cactus Enchanting Flower Electric Plush Toy Twisting Music Song

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Product information:

Material: pp cotton
Style: cute style
Features: Cactus shape
Colour: Picture color

Note: 120song is a battery type

All with English and tongue

Except for the 3 English version of the battery version (without this variant), all others can be recorded

2 styles to 11 styles are 60 songs

Charging model with Bluetooth connection

Packing list:

Electric plush toys*1

Product Image:

Product 2023Product 2023Product 2023Product 2023Product 2023

Product 2023Product 2023

Additional information

Weight120,00 g
Dimensions200 × 200 × 40 cm

E style, 2style, 8style, 1PC, 5style, 1style, 11style, A style, 6style, 3style, B style, C style, 9style, 10style, D style, 4style, 7style


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