Smart Electric Nail Clipper Manicure Device

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Intelligent charging electric nail clipper for the elderly and children, adult manicure, toenail clipper, USB charging, portable electric nail clipper manicure machine, automatic nail clipper.

  • [ FAST ] intelligent gearbox (perfect balance of torque and speed), precision spiral cutter head, one-time cutting and grinding, several times faster than traditional nail scissors and nail files, making your nails cleaner and more beautiful than other nails in one minute.
  • [ SAFETY ] the opening size and angle of the repair position are suitable for all kinds of nails of different ages. The curved clipper body is completely suitable for fingers and easy to grasp. It can be safely trimmed even when the eyes are closed. It can protect your fingers 100% and thoroughly clean your nails at the same time.
  • [tidiness] as long as the finger is placed at the opening, the spiral knife head will automatically put the fingernail into the storage box to ensure cleanness, open the cover, and the fingernail can be easily poured into the garbage bag.
  • [ DURABLE AND FASHIONABLE ] built in 500 MAH / 3.7V battery, USB charging once, cutting 40-60 times, charging time only 30 minutes. High quality ABS materials and metal plating process make the whole body look more refined and fashionable.
  • [ EXQUISITE GIFT PERFECT AFTER-SALE ] exquisite packaging and reasonable price is the ideal gift. Light weight, small size, easy to carry, noise less than 50 dB, high quality, suitable for various occasions and people of different ages. After strict factory inspection, you can use it at ease. If you have any questions, please contact us.
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  • Product Name: Electric Nail Clamp Material Technology: ABS, Metal Plating Interface: Single Button
  • Color: Red, Pink, Blue, Black
  • Noise: slt;50dB
  • Rated Voltage/Power: 5V s 2.5W
  • Charging Voltage: 5V
  • s:Tool: CNC Processing
  • Motor: Silent Motor
  • Apply: All People Welcome to Buy

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Weight310,0 g
Dimensions79 × 81 × 33 cm

Pink, Blue, Red, Black


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